Top 5 best toys for parrots

Myiopsitta monachus pet toys

When it comes to choosing toys for parrots, it is best to have a good variety to help develop different skills. Take a look at our list of top toys for parrots to see the benefits of different types of toys.

1. Preening Toys

Eventually you’ll have to go out (I know, I can’t stand the thought of being away from my feathered child for very long either!) however, it’s an inevitability. The boredom for your little friend associated with this, perhaps even the stress that might occur, can lead to them “over-preening” or plucking. Preening toys are perfect for these situations as they allow our parrots to divert their attention away from their own bodies and still indulge their need to preen!

2. Foraging Toys

Make your feathered friend feel like he’s back in the Wild! Foraging toys allow your Parrot the need to have to work for his food, allowing him to retain centuries of built in evolutionary knowledge and fulfil base and primal instincts that makes your bird a bird! Foraging toys are great for this reason – I have three in my cage at home!

3. Chew Toys

Chewing. Nibbling. Both common things birds do in the Wild. Not only to eat but to keep their beaks in perfect shape for their life as a bird. Chew Toys encourage the continuation of this behaviour and ensures your birds beak stays nice and strong! There are a variety of toys you can get that focus on different aspects of beak strength so ensure you buy what you need rather than what the pet shop tries to sell you!

4. Comfort Toys

Cuddly. Soft. Colourful. Much like a “blankie” for a child. Parrots love to nuzzle up against and crawl inside soft things. Ensure you have something in it’s cage as a “Comforter”- something it can associate security with.

5. Exercise Toys

Swings! Ladders! Steps! Balls! All things that encourage movement and keep your beautiful little parrot active and moving about. Good bird health comes from remaining active and playful. Ensure they keep up these good habits with exercise toys!


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