Top Five reasons to own an Amazon parrot

Rainbow Parrot Feathers

Amazon parrots are one of the most absolute popular genus of parrots – and have been for quite some time. The trend certainly shows no signs of slowing up at all in the near future- but there are a few good reasons why this is the case.

1. They’re absolutely stunning to look at. Whether you’ve purchased a yellow-headed amazon, a yellow-naped amazon, a orange-winged amazon, or a blue-fronted amazon you can rest assured you have one absolutely beautiful bird on your hands. Their colours are always astounding, bright and vibrant and they’re a wonderful pet to make any home seem a little less dreary and a lot more friendly.

2. They are, alongside Macaws and the African grey parrot, the most vocal of all parrot genus’, and for this reason are some of the most common pets. They have been known to memorize up to a 1000 words into their vocabulary (More than some humans I know!). For this reason they make amazing pets for lonely or elderly people- they are extremely talkative and with the right training and coaching you could almost have a full conversation with one!

3. They are ridiculously playful. The Amazon Parrots have great dexterity with their feet and their temperament is super playful, so watching them in a cage that is full of manipulation toys and objects can provide hours of entertainment- often to the accompaniment of their own chatterly vocals!

4. They can live up to fifty years. Yes, that’s right. Fifty long years. For this reason they make amazing pets- they can last you from when you’re just into getting pets til well into your mid-life years. Of from your mid-life years to your elderly ones. These guys are lifetime companions for sure!

5. They require attention! Doesn’t sound like a reason to own one? Oh but it is my dears! The Amazon’s respond VERY well to manipulations objects, conversations, talking and training. Which, for anyone spending a lot of their time in their own home- is fantastic. Hours, days, weeks can be spent associating with your beautiful new buddy. But the best feeling? Is after he’s been trained- the sense of wonder at all he’s managed to learn is the best feeling!

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